Garage Door Repair

Fixing and Installing New Motors

Every garage door motor in Renton does the most important job of making garage doors pull open and close at a touch of a button, and they are working hard to give easy garage access to homeowners for decades now. Garage door motors, to most manufacturers, are still works in progress, as companies continue to improve them for the best performance possible.

It’s a good thing that we have been around for a long time and that we have seen various transformation of the garage door motor. Our experience allows us to provide unrivalled Renton garage door motor repair and installation, without being limited to a single brand.

We Cover All Types of Doors and Motors

We have been doing the garage door gig for such a long time that there is hardly any type of door or motor type problem that we have not encountered and resolved. But then again, we make sure that there is no situation that we can address when it comes to garage door motor repair or installation in Renton. That is why it is not enough that we have a lot of experience as a garage door company – while we strive to work overtime, we still make sure that our technicians are undergoing additional education for new brands and hybrid garage door types.

For the past years, among the projects we have done involve the brands Genie, Craftsman LiftMaster, and Chamberlain. Our Renton garage door motor repair covers every peripheral, and we provide the widest warranty and guarantee coverage.

Safety Sensors are Federal Requirements

Starting 1993, all garage doors that are fitted by electric motors are required to have safety features. All garage doors that are powered by motors are mandated to have auto-reverse function and safety features, such as photoeye and edge sensors. If you are still using a non-compliant garage door, you have to upgrade.

Our Renton garage door motor repair and installation services include fixing and installation of safety features.

Remote Control and Keypad Programming

Not all access to garage doors are made equal. Some are secure and convenient, some are not. With our Renton garage door motor repair and installation services, we make sure that you will have the best features you can get out of remote controls and garage door keypads.

Our partner manufacturers are providing the best remote control access, be it using visor remotes or multiple garage remote controls. We make sure that our remote controls use rolling codes to ensure that you use unique remote signals. This gives your garage superior protection from state-of-the-art signal hackers that are made to record signals that can be replayed when you are away from home.

Round the Clock Service

For all your garage door motor needs, you can count on our round-the-clock, year-round service. Whether you have a garage door motor emergency or you need assistance for DIY maintenance and repairs, you can call our Renton garage door motor repair assistance anytime and we will have a qualified professional assist you in all your garage door needs.