Garage Door Repair

Broken Spring Repair Services

Springs are one of the most essential parts of your garage doors, mainly because they are responsible for making it possible for your garage door opener to lift the garage door. At the same time, they are also the ones that provide balance to your door.

Your garage door will most probably have a torsion spring at the middle of the overhead bar, and extension springs at the side. If they get two relaxed or they snap due to tension from the garage door, it may cause further problems to your garage door motor or to the door itself.

Broken Springs are Emergencies

When you hear a loud snapping sound coming from your garage when the garage door opener is opening or closing, or if you notice that the garage door tilts to the side when you try to open the door, it is largely possible that one or two of the garage door springs are broken. Make sure that you call our number for Renton garage door repair Broken spring services. We will immediately dispatch our trained technicians to your house and make it safe for you to move your car and support for your garage door to prevent further malfunctions.

Broken springs are considered emergencies because it may cause a 400-pound door or heavier to crash on your garage floor and cause a lot of property damage. At the same time, we are discouraging you from attempting to fix broken garage door springs, as they are under a lot of tension. Without proper tools, you may get severely injured if you attempt to unlash them. At the same time, attempting to remove them from the bar will cause garage door imbalance, and attempting to fix that additional problem can be costly.

Renton Garage Door Repair Broken Spring Services Cover All Spring Needs

There is no broken spring situation that we can’t handle. Our wide experience in fixing garage doors allows us to quickly spot the probable cause of the spring door problem and we will be happy to repair or replace the damaged parts. Included in our Renton garage door repair Broken spring services are spring replacement and repair for torsion and extension springs, cable replacement or repair, fixing of torsion tubes, roller replacement, support harness installation, and spring adjustment.

Certified Quality Service

All labors are backed by our service guarantees. At the same time, all replacement parts installed during repairs or installations are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. That means availing our services gives you the peace of mind you deserve through superior quality of work and parts. You get that value-added service from the best garage door company with the widest area coverage in Renton.

24/7 Service for Garage Door Springs

If you are experiencing spring problems in your garage door, our Renton garage door repair Broken spring services are available 24/7. Our company offers unparalleled response time in Renton. Our garage door company all varieties of spring replacements and other peripherals you may need in maintenance and repair.